Student Council – Mrs. Susan Bousquet, Advisor

St. Stanislaus’ Student Council is a group of individuals that work together for the welfare of our school, church, and community.  During the year, we collect coats and canned food for the needy and help run a recycling day for the environment.  Also, we conduct a lollipop sale with the proceeds going to a particular need in our school.  In the past the money has purchased new chairs for the library and science lab; last year, it went towards updating our science equipment.  We assist at the annual Benefactors’ Reception, and serve as tour guides for visitors to our school.

We are very happy to announce that our Student Council’s latest projects, the lollipop sale and the collection for the Heifer Organization, have been great successes.  Having sold around 2,000 lollipops, we were able to realize a profit of $1,229 towards the purchase of IPads for our classrooms.  Some lollipops still remain and are available daily in the school office for one dollar.

This year we set the goal for our annual Heifer Organization collection as the donation of a Gardener’s Basket.  This includes: a flock of chickens, a bee hive, three rabbits, and some tree seedlings.  We exceeded our expectations and were able to add two additional flocks of chickens and another bee hive to our donation.  We sincerely thank you all for your support.  Great job!