Ms. Patterson – 1st grade 

Office Hours: Grade 1 Math – Wednesday 7:45am – 8:10am 

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May 2021

I cannot believe it is already May.  There is just over a month left of school.  I have enjoyed watching the first graders mature throughout the year and the light bulb moment of when they get a something they have been struggling with.

Religion: This month, we will discuss saints.  We will learn that saints are followers of Jesus who have died and now live forever with God.  We will learn about St. Andrew Kim Taegon, Saint Katharine Drexel, Saint Francis, Saint Anne, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Saint John Vianney.  We will also learn about creation and how to take care of God’s creation.

Reading: We will finish Unit 5: Beyond My World.  In this unit, we have discussed the seasons.  We will also learn about the vowel sounds in the word put and good and the final syllable spelt –le.  Finally, we will review concepts taught this year including r-controlled vowels and other vowel sounds.  We will also study fiction texts.

Math: This month we will discuss how to tell and write time to the hour and half on an analog clock.  We will also discuss shapes this month.  We will learn how many straight sides, how many vertices or corners a shape has and if the shape is an open or closed shape.  We will also look at 3-D shapes and decide how many vertices, faces, and edges shapes have.  Finally, we will begin to discuss fractions.  We will learn that a fraction is when we can divide a shape into equal parts of two or four.

Science: This month, we will discuss what to do in bad weather such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and snow storms.  We will also discuss the four seasons and what we can do in each of the seasons.  Finally, we will discuss matter and energy.

Reminds: I am available for extra help Wednesday from 7:45-8:10.

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Ms. Patterson

Mrs. Cloutier – 1st grade

Office Hours:  Grade 1 English – Friday 7:45am – 8:10am 

Hello First Grade Families,

It is hard to believe that May is here!  Your children have worked hard all year and continue to do so each day.  I am impressed by the effort they show despite the challenges of this year!

A summary of the learning experiences for May follows:


This month we will learn about Mary the mother of Jesus, her feast days, and special prayers.  We will discuss the lives of the saints, those who followed Jesus in both special and unique ways. We will also learn that the world, with it’s beautiful places, people, and animals is God’s gift to us.  We will be reminded of our responsibility to take care of and respect all of God’s creation.


During the month of May we will review the foundational skills taught this year.  These include consonant vowel consonant words, long vowels, vowel teams, prefixes, suffixes, digraphs and blends.  We will read new texts within the genre’s we have studied including, informational , persuasive, realistic fiction,  fantasy, and drama and continue to work towards increased comprehension.


During our Writer’s Workshop time we will work on writing imaginative narratives.  We will focus on topic selection, writing an introduction, events, and a conclusion.

Our  ELA topics for review will include: subjects and predicates in sentences, declarative, interrogative, and exclamatory sentences, writing complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation, nouns, pronouns, verbs,( past, present and future tense)  and adjectives.

Social Studies:

This month we will work on Unit 6: The Marketplace.  Students will learn about the jobs people do in a community, the differences between goods and services, understand the ways people trade money for goods and services, and learn the purpose for saving money.  We will work on a market day project in which the students create and sell goods to their classmates.

Thank you for all you do to support your child’s learning. Please do not hesitate to email with any questions or concern.

All students are welcome to attend my office hours which are held Friday mornings from 7:45- 8:10

Thank you,

Mrs. Cloutier