Ms. Patterson – 1st grade 

Office Hours: Math Wednesday from 2:45-3:15pm

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November 2022

The past two months have flown by working with first grade.  I have enjoyed getting to know each child individually and look forward to continue to watch each child grow throughout the school year.

Religion: This month we will begin Unit 2: The Faith Celebrated.  In lesson 6, we will discuss how God shares his life with us.  In this lesson, we will learn that the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and Jesus work together in the liturgy.  We will also learn what Sacraments are and focus on the sacrament of baptism.  We will also complete lesson 7: How do we praise and thank God?  In this lesson, we will discuss how we praise God at mass on Sundays and how we honor Mary and the other saints throughout the Church year.

My homeroom will also plan Mass this month.

Reading: We will finish Unit 2: I Spy this month.  We will read a collection of poetry about change.  We will also read our first drama this month.  We will focus on the consonant diagraphs “sh” and “th”, the inflected ending –ing, and begin to learn the long vowel of a and long i.  We will also compare pieces of poetry, and define the elements of Drama.

Math: This month we will continue to use addition and subtraction strategies to help us solve addition and subtraction equations.  We will complete Topic 5: Work with Addition and Subtraction Equations this month.  In this topic, we will learn how to find a missing number in an equation and determine if the equation is true.  We will also complete Topic 6: Represent and Interpret Data.  In this topic, students will organize and interpret data to answer questions.  They will also learn to represent data visually using tally charts and picture graphs.

Science:  This month, we continue Chapter 4: Plants and Animals.  In this chapter, we will discuss the life cycles of plants and animals with a close look at the life cycle of pepper plants, sea turtles, and grasshoppers.  We will also discuss how living things are alike and different from their parents.

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Ms. Emily MacMillan – 1st Grade


Office Hours: Tuesday 7:45-8:10am

November Update in Ms. MacMillan’s 1st Grade Class

Greetings everyone!  We have been very busy in my class and this month we are looking forward to many new things as we ready ourselves for Thanksgiving.  In reading, we are learning digraphs such as the SH and TH sound.  We are learning about the long vowel sounds this month starting with long A.  We are learning about how they are followed with a consonant and a silent E.  We will be reading lots of stories related to gratitude and Thanksgiving as well.

In Language, we have been exploring all types of sentences.  So far, we have learned about Declarative and Interrogative sentences and what punctuation goes at the end of those sentences.  We also learned that any type of sentence starts with a capital letter.  Next, we are learning about exclamatory sentences and Imperative sentences.  They are enjoying working together to come up with creative sentences using the type of sentences we have talked about.  Additionally in Language, we have done weekly writing prompts.  Last month, we did prompts based on Halloween.  This month, we are doing writing prompts based on Thanksgiving.  For example, “This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for…”  While writing, we practice using complete sentences and proper capitalization and punctuation.

In Social Studies, we are learning about the weather and how we live and dress for each type of air temperature and season.  Next, we will be learning about our country and how we respect and celebrate it.  For instance, why we say the Pledge of Allegiance, and what holidays celebrate our country.  From there, we will start to explore how our country began and the history behind our great country’s beginning.

For Religion, we are learning about the Liturgy and prayer…and how God shares his life with us.  We will be talking about the Blessed Sacraments and how Jesus gave those to the Church to share His life with us.  We will soon be discussing how we praise and thank God for His many blessings.

In art this month we will be sending our scarecrows home, and making some beautiful turkeys to decorate the classroom!  They will be made out of coffee filters and construction paper.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving month.  I am so grateful to have these wonderful children to teach!