Ms. Patterson – 1st grade 

Office Hours: Grade 1 Math – Wednesday 7:45am – 8:10am 

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March 2021

Wow! There’s only a couple months of school left.  I’m not sure where the time has gone.  It has been amazing watching each child grow, both academically and physically, so far throughout the school year.  I can’t wait to see the growth for the rest of the school year.

Religion:  This month we will take a closer look at the sacrament of baptism.  We will learn how this is the way new members of the church are welcomed.  We will also discuss how we are followers of Jesus and how Jesus is the light of the World.  We will also discuss how God is always ready to forgive us and that we should be willing to forgive others as well.  Finally, we will learn about St. Joseph.

Reading: We will finish Unit 4: Making History this month.  We will continue to read informational texts and biographies.  We will also discuss the diphthongs ow and ou as in how and shout, oi and oy as in boil and boy.  We will also discuss the long a sound in stay and main and the sound of ea as in eat and head.  Finally, we will learn how to at ending to words that end in a y or a bossy e.

Math:  This month, we will begin to discuss how to add and subtract two-digit numbers.  We will learn how to add using models and drawings, as well as using place value.  We will also begin to use mental math and what we already know about addition and subtraction to help us add and subtract.  Finally, we will begin to discuss length and how to measure using strings and unifex cubes.

Science:  We will continue Chapter 5: Earth and Sky this month.  In this chapter, we will discuss what the Earth is made of, including a close look at different types of rocks and soil that are found on Earth.  We will also discuss how land is changed through erosion, weathering, and natural disasters.  Finally, we will discuss the sun and what causes day and night.

Reminds: I am available for extra in math on Wednesday from 7:45-8:10.

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Mrs. Cloutier – 1st grade

Office Hours:  Grade 1 English – Friday 7:45am – 8:10am 

Welcome to March 2021!

March is here! We are ready to continue to grow in our Catholic faith, and as readers, writers, and historians.  The following is a brief summary of what is ahead!

This month during Religion, we will learn that Lent is a special time in the church when we remember all that Jesus has done for us as we prepare to celebrate his Death and Resurrection.  We will learn about the practices of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving during Lent.  Children will study the seven sacraments and focus more closely on the sacraments of Baptism and Reconciliation. We will devote one class per week to studying Saint Joseph in preparation for Bishop Byrne’s consecration of our Diocese to St. Joseph on March 19.

In Reading we will continue Unit 4 “Making History.” The essential question for Unit 4 is “Why is the past important?” During this unit, we will read biographies, informational text, and historical fiction. The children will increase comprehension of text by comparing characters across texts and finding the main idea.

The foundational skills we will focus on this month include the dipthongs“ow” and “ou,” the vowel digraphs, “ai,” “ay,” “oi,” “oy,” and “ea,” and the y that changes to I prior to adding “ed” and “es” endings.

We will also begin Unit 5” Beyond My World.”  The essential question for Unit 5 is “How do the four seasons affect us?” The children will increase comprehension of text by finding text structure, making connections, and correcting and confirming predictions.

The foundational skills will include long o spelled, “oa, “ow,” and “oe,” long I spelled “igh,” and the suffixes “er” in player and “or” in actor. For additional practice in reading please log on to Pearson

During our Writing Workshop time we will continue to write our personal narratives.  Within their narratives, children will work on developing characters, setting and plot.  The class will work cooperatively to support each other in both revising and editing these texts.

In Social Studies we will complete Unit 4 “Our Changing World,” as we learn how communities and means of transportation change over time.  We will also learn to use and create timelines.

We will begin Unit 5 ”Meeting People”   During this Unit students will begin to recognize the elements of culture including language, dress, food, and shared stories.  They will learn that immigrants came from countries all over the world to make a new home in the United States.  They will begin to understand the ways in which immigrants have helped to define American culture.

Thank you for all you do to support your child’s learning. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns.  My office hours are Friday mornings from 7:45-8:15, all children are welcome to attend.

Thank you,

Mrs. Cloutier