Ms. Patterson – 1st grade 

Office Hours: Grade 1 Math & Science – Thursday 2:45PM – 3:15PM 

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End of Year 2022

It’s hard to believe this school year is over!  It feels like just we began our first grade journey together.  I have enjoyed getting to know each child throughout the school year both academically and personally.  I have loved listening to stories from the children about their everyday life.  I have especially enjoyed watching each child grow in both their reading and math skills.

Make sure to keep reading this summer and don’t forget to practice addition and subtraction math facts.  Continue to access Lexia at home with summer too!

I look forward to hearing all of your summer adventures next year!

Have a safe, fun summer,

Ms. Patterson

Mrs. Christine Fager – 1st Grade


Office Hours: Gr. 1 Language & Social Studies, Monday 2:45PM-3:15PM

Spring is here! In first grade, we are enjoying the warmer weather and all that this season has to offer.

In Religion, we will be learning all about the Ten Commandments and how God gave us the Ten Commandments because he loves us. We will learn what each commandment means and that we show we love God when we follow the commandments. This month we will also learn about sin. We will learn that sin turns us away from God’s love but when we are sorry and promise not to sin again, God forgives us.

In Reading, we will be learning about the long i sound spelled igh and also the suffixes –er and –or. We will learn that these endings –er and –or mean “one who does”. We will also introduce the vowel team: ue, ew, and ui along with prefixes re- and –un. We will be reading 2 types of genres: informational texts and persuasive texts. Both texts will be on the topic of the 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

In Language, we will begin by learning about adverbs of time and that these types of adverbs answer the question when? Or for how long? We will learn about transitions and conjunctions and how they act like glue and used to join ideas together. We will also begin learning about prepositions and that a preposition shows how the noun that follows it connects to other words in the sentence.

In Writing Workshop, we will learn procedural text or how-to books. We will identify features like instructions and graphics by looking at different how-to books. We will explore how to compose an introduction and conclusion. We will also explore and create simple graphics in a procedural text.

In Social Studies, we will begin a new unit, Where People Live. We will learn how people live in many different locations. We will learn what different places are like and how a place can affect the way we live. We will learn about maps and how a map shows locations of places such as streets, cities states, countries and bodies of water.

Please note, I am available on Mondays after school for Language extra help. Contact me at with any questions or comments.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and wonderful April vacation!

Mrs. Fager