Mrs. Bannister – Library

Hello Students and Families,

The students and I are loving Library class!  The students are taking out lots of interesting books – readers, stories, geography, sports (always a favorite), how to, poetry, languages… I’m so impressed with the diversity of their interests and their willingness to try something new. 

There are only two guidelines for taking out a book:

  • Are you interested in it?
  • Can you read and understand most of the words on a page? If not, save it for a bit later.  We have quite a few younger students who are really looking forward to being able to read Star Wars books!

We have begun all our class read-aloud novels in Gr. 3-8 and the students in grades PreK-3 through Gr. 2 are listening to a read aloud each class.  Interesting observations and discussions are one of the best parts of enjoying a book together.

We are continuing our safety protocol from last year: students wash their hands before looking for books, borrowed books remain at school, and returned books are quarantined for four days before they are returned to the shelves.

We’re off to a great start.  

Mrs. Bannister                                                                                       

Grade 3-8
PreK-3 to Gr. 2 













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