Mrs. Bannister – Library

February 2021

Hello Students and Families,

February is here and we are glad to be in school together.  Our spotlight in Library this month is black authors, heroes, and fictional characters.  There are literally thousands of books in our school library to choose from and students will see a broad selection this month reflecting Black History Month.  We have historical non-fiction, fiction, biographies and autobiographies – all at many age levels.  If your child has a certain book or person they would like to read about, please have them ask me and I will be happy to direct them.  In the meantime, students will see a large display of spotlight books to browse during library class.   In Library class, we discuss the hopes and dreams of the characters we read about from wanting to play in the snow to wishing for a safe place to talk things over.

We enjoy all the places our reading takes us and observing the characters we grow fond of.  Reading together in our cozy library is one of our favorite things!

I pray each of our students and families stay safe and healthy. Spring will come!

Mrs. Bannister