Mrs. Kennedy – 2nd Grade

ELA Office Hours: Gr. 2 – Wednesday 7:45 – 8:10am

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                                                                                                December 2021

Merry Christmas to everyone!

We are focusing on preparing our hearts for Jesus this Advent season.

Here is an overview of the December skills in Mrs. Kennedy’s classes.

Religion:  For the month of December we will be focusing on the season of Advent and the true meaning of Christmas. 

We will begin Unit 2 “How do we celebrate what we believe?  We will understand how God shares his life with us; how we praise and thank God; how we become members of the Church; and how we celebrate God’s forgiveness and healing.

Language:  We will identify and use singular and plural nouns, irregular plural nouns, common and proper nouns in our writing.

We will explore main idea and details.

Reading:  The phonics skills for December are long a:  ai, ay, ea and vowel digraph ie (Long I sound like in pie and Long E sound like in piece)

Our story genre for the next several weeks is informational text.  Informational text tells facts about a topic.  It includes main ideas about the topic and important details.  It may also include text features and graphics, such as headings, photos, captions, labels, and bold words.  Informational text may also include a glossary and an index.

Remember to read 10-15 minutes each night with your child.

Continue to study spelling words.  Remember to use the Spelling City website  Words are also posted in Google Classroom for your reference.

Science:  We are working in Chapter 1:  Matter.  We will know that matter can be a solid, liquid, or gas; matter can be changed in many ways; and that water can be a solid, liquid, or gas.  Please continue to review Vocabulary Smart Cards at home.  The chapter lessons and Vocabulary Smart Cards also posted in Google Classroom for review at home.

Please reach out to me if there are any questions or concerns.

Please stay safe,

Mrs. Kennedy

Ms. Mary Taylor – 2nd Grade

Math Office Hours: Monday 7:45-8:10am

December Web Update 2021

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for this year!  My favorite Christmas story is the birth of Jesus.   “The Miracle of Jonathan Toomey” and “The Polar Express” are two great stories to read this time of year.  Please let me know your favorite Christmas stories.  Remember to read every day! My office hours are Monday from 7:45-8:10. 

Social Studies:  We are finishing Unit 2.  The students will recognize cardinal and intermediate directions, hemispheres, and the poles.  Students will identify directions on a map.  Unit 3 focuses on using our resources. Students will learn what natural resources we use and how we use them.  They will compare and contrast data on a picture graph.  They will understand the reasons people choose to live in a place.  The class will practice taking notes to clarify and organize ideas.

Math: Students will use different strategies to solve word problems.  They will solve two-step word problems.  They will learn how to make true equations such as 9+7=8=8.  Students will write a number story and complete an equation to match the story. Then we will start working with time and money. 

Reading:  Students are continuing Unit 2 in Reading.  We will be reading different types of informational text, fiction, and realistic fiction. The students will be introduced to high frequency words and new spelling words.  The words will include long a words and long i words.  They will identify the topic and the main idea of the text.  They will recognize the plot, characters, and the setting of the story.

Religion:  The class will learn how God shares his life with us through the sacraments.  The sacraments help us celebrate what we believe. Then we will learn how we praise and thank God.  We celebrate that Jesus came to share God’s life with us.  We praise God through the Mass.

God bless you and your family!

Ms. Taylor


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