Before School Program

The purpose of the Before School Program is to provide a safe environment with adequate adult supervision for students whose parents may need to bring them to school before the start of the school day. The program is under the direct supervision of the administration in cooperation with the Program Coordinator. The program is supervised by certified teachers at all times. The time and cost of the Before School Program is determined each year depending upon the starting time of the school day.

After School Program

The After School Program is designed to meet the needs of those parents who are unable to pick up their child/ren at the regular dismissal time or children who participate in after school review, extracurricular activities and clubs.  We provide a safe environment with adequate adult supervision, including the school administrators, a program coordinator, certified teachers and teacher assistants.  The program is structured to provide a homework area as well as a recreational area for students.  Those students who report to the program immediately after dismissal receive a snack.  The time of the After School Program is determined each year depending upon the dismissal time of the school day. The fees for the program are used to pay for supervision, snacks, and supplies.



The Before School Program shall operate on school days between 7:15am – 8:20am. Students will remain in the designated area until it is time to join their class. The After School Program shall operate on school days between 2:40 -5:00pm.


Costs are determined each year by the administration. Payments are to be made on a weekly basis, unless prior arrangements have been made with the school principal. An accumulating balance will result in your child/ren being unable to use the program until the balance is paid. 

** Students coming for before school extra-help will be charged accordingly if they arrive before 7:45am**

Fees are as follows (Effective 8/2023)

Before School Program:

Check-In Between 7:15 – 7:29am $8.00 per family $6.00 per child
Check-In Between 7:30- 7:59am $5.00 per family $4.00 per child
Check-In After 8:00am $3.00 per family $2.00 per child

After School Program:

2:40 – 3:00pm $4.00 per child per day
2:40 – 3:15pm $5.00 per child per day
2:40 – 3:30pm $6.00 per child per day
2:40-3:45pm $7.00 per child per day
2:40-4:00pm $8.00 per child per day
2:40-4:15pm $8.50 per child per day
2:40-4:30pm $9.00 per child per day
2:40-4:45pm $10.00 per child per day
2:40-5:00 pm $10.50 per child per day
There will be a $10.00 late pick-up fee after 5:00pm


Staff members are qualified individuals dedicated to the care and well being of the children.  Staff members are certified teachers and assistants and include the program coordinator and administration.  All staff members are directly responsible to the administration and are subject to evaluation according to the standards of St. Stanislaus School and the Diocese of Springfield.


Any full-time student at St. Stanislaus School, grades pre-school through eight, is eligible to participate in the program.  NON-STUDENTS or siblings will not be accepted.


Before School ProgramMonitored activities, structured play, and study time

After School Program:  Snack (provided at 2:40pm), structured play activities, supervised homework, study, and reading area, special videos at times.


A parent who wishes to use the Extended Care Program (regularly or on occasion) must fill out the student information sheet, which provides the staff with the necessary emergency information.  For more information or forms, please call the school office at 592-5135.  Parents may sign a child up for the program at any time during the school year.  If an emergency situation arises and you need your child to be placed in the extended care program after school please call the school office.  Any child not picked up by 2:50pm will automatically be placed in the after school program with the appropriate charge to the parent or guardian.

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