Mrs. Bousquet – 8th Grade

English Office Hours: Gr. 6- Wednesday 7:45-8:10am, Gr. 8- Thursday 7:45AM-8:10AM,   Gr. 7- Friday 7:45AM-8:10AM

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                                                January Web Message—Gr. 8

     Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2023.  After a refreshing and enjoyable Christmas break, we have a very busy January in store for us.  To begin with, St. Stans will be hosting an open house for perspective students and their families on Sunday, January 22.  Also, the report cards for term two will be distributed on Friday, January 20.  Finally, our favorite week of the year Catholic Schools Week, will be celebrated from January 29 to February 4.  Despite all this “fun and frivolity” we do have a curriculum to follow, so here is what we have in store for this month on that front.

Religion:  We will be studying the Church throughout the Middle Ages and into the Reformation.  Fr. Brad continues to join us on Fridays to add his expertise to our discussions.

Vocabulary:  We are currently working with Chapter 7 and will move on to Chapter 8 by the end of the month.  Here are the words in Chapter 7.

Attribute     convey     exotic     haggard     juncture     menial     parry     tawdry     turncoat     wallow     acme     belittle     doctrine     excise     jaunty     predatory     ravage     stance     unassuming     waver

English:  We will be finishing up our work with prepositional phrases as adjectives or adverbs.  Afterwards, the focus will turn towards the steps to create a research paper.  This will be connected with our presentations for the Cultural Fair.

Literature:  We will continue with Edgar Allan Poe concentrating on how he created musicality in his poetry.  Our poem of choice is “The Raven.”  The next piece that we will read will be Jack London’s “To Build a Fire.”    

     I am looking forward to seeing you all at some of the upcoming events.  Have a wonderful start to this new year.


                                                                                           Mrs. Bousquet