Mrs. Rodrigues – 8th Grade

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August 2023

I have never been more excited to welcome students and families back to school. This year will begin with so many changes at our school. Parts of the school look a bit different – new statue, new flooring, and a brand new administration! Our focus last year was celebrating 125 years of St. Stanislaus School and the retirement of Sister Ceil and Mrs. Shea, and this year we welcome Mrs. Rorrio and Mrs. Choiniere. I am confident that our school is in wonderful hands, and I am anticipating an exciting and productive school year.

I am very excited to announce that this year I will be teaching ELA for grades 6, 7, and 8! This allows me to reunite with some wonderful groups of students that I’ve been blessed to work with in the past! I am so glad to be able to continue fostering the relationships with families that I have already had the pleasure of working with.

Grade 8 ELA and Reading

We will begin the year focusing on the theme, “common threads”. Students will read a variety of literary genres that develop the idea that no matter how different we (people of the world) are, we are all connected by life’s experiences. The writing focus will initially be on personal narratives where students will make connections within their own experiences to those of others in today’s world. I will incorporate grammar and vocabulary acquisition into our daily routine as a way to offer students a wholesome and rigorous curriculum. Students will also learn to work both collaboratively and independently to master the skills and standards set forth by the state.

Grades 6 and 7 ELA

Grades 6 and 7 will build grammatical foundations that will help students to read and write at a higher level. In grade 6 we will begin the year enhancing sentence structure knowledge, which will help us as we learn to write personal narratives. Grade 7 will build upon grammar learned last year and take it to a new and more challenging level. Students will also begin the year writing personal narratives. I will incorporate reading and vocabulary acquisition into daily lessons as well.

Please make sure that you are using Google Classroom this year. There will be daily updates – students in school and out will be able to access the assignments for each day. Reach out if you are having trouble navigating this tool. Email Address: