Mrs. Bousquet – 8th Grade

English Office Hours: Gr. 7, Thursday 7:45AM-8:10AM     Gr. 8, Friday 7:45AM-8:10AM

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   May Web Message—Grade 8

     “It’s May.  It’s May, the lovely month of May,” to quote a song from the musical, Camelot.  This is notoriously a very difficult month for teachers here at St. Stans.  Already, we have had the May Crowning of Mary and Hope Day for the eighth graders.  This coming week the school picnic (Tuesday) and eighth grade retreat (Friday) are scheduled; eighth grade finals also begin next week.  Progress Reports will go home on Friday, May 17.  Finally, our field trip to Boston will be on Friday, May 27.  Don’t even get me started on the shortened month of June.  So much to be done before graduation and the end of school!

Religion:  We are finishing up with our study of the Liturgical Calendar.   After a test, we will be moving on to the discussion of the process of canonization.  This is especially important since Pope Francis will canonize ten new saints on May 15.  He has canonized more saints that any other pope, over 800. 

Vocabulary:  Having completed 12 chapters of our book, we will use the remaining time to review and restudy the 240 words that we have focused on this year.

English:  Currently, we are reviewing capitalization and punctuation in preparation for our English final.  Technology and texting have negatively affected the students’ expertise in these areas.

Literature:  Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry is the concentration for our literature classes; we are studying “The Raven” and “The Bells.”  To better understand these works, we will deal with the musicality of the pieces through rhyme, rhythm, onomatopoeia, word choice, repetition, and alliteration.

 I hope to see you at some of the many activities that are planned.  Enjoy the beautiful weather.

                                                                                     Mrs. Bousquet