Mrs. Bousquet – 8th Grade

English Office Hours: Gr. 7, Thursday 7:45AM-8:10AM     Gr. 8, Friday 7:45AM-8:10AM


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                                            October –Grade Eight—Mrs. Bousquet

     Welcome to our eighth grade autumn.  It has been very busy; we recently visited St. Mary’s High School in Westfield, and we are scheduled to attend a virtual visit with Pope Francis High School this week.  In December, those of us who will be going to a catholic high school will be taking the entrance exams.  The public schools will be coming in the spring.  So much to do to prepare for the future.  However, the present is just as important. 

English:  We are currently working on our submissions for the Knights of Columbus essay contest.  The essays need to be 500-750 words and need to address a prompt that asks how our faith helps us deal with everyday problems.  After the students complete their submissions, about six or seven will be chosen to represent the school in this national contest.  It is quite exciting. 

Literature:  O. Henry’s “The Ransom of Red Chief” is the current focus of our reading classes.  In addition to studying this story, we will also concentrate on the three types of irony (dramatic, verbal, and situational).  The students love O. Henry’s comedic touch in this piece.

Vocabulary:  Chapter 3’s words are as follows:

Allot     audacious     comply     grapple     instigate      myriad     prodigious     skittish     tether     unison     amass     devoid     elite     incapacitate     longevity     perspective      perturb     relevant     vie     willful

It is important that the students use these words often, each day, so that they will become a part of their word banks.

Religion:  In religion class, we are studying the most recent popes and their contributions to the Church.  Currently, we are learning about Pope Saint John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council.  We will then move on to Pope Paul VI and how he brought the decisions of the Council into practice.

     Before we know it, the first term will be over and we will be meeting with parents at the Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Time flies!  God bless.

                                                                                                          Mrs. Bousquet