Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Hewes – Kindergarten

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Wow! Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Hewes can’t believe it is already mid January. The amount of fun and learning we have had this year already is amazing! The rest of the year will be no exception to the fun and learning!

In math, for the remainder of the year we will be focusing heavily on addition and subtraction, and building a very strong number sense to get reading to add and subtract bigger numbers. We also will focus on numbers 11-20 for the second half of the year as we focused on 1-10 for the first half. Another subject we will talk about is 2D and 3D shapes. It’s really shaping up to be an exciting spring in math!

In ELA we are going to start dictating our own sentences. We are so amazing by the abilities of our Kinders and can’t wait to see what fun sentences they come up with. We will continue to work on CVC words and sight words as part of our daily reading routine. Spring approaching means more fun mentor texts about exciting Holidays and more!

In Science and social studies we will continue our curriculums to learn more about the world around us!

In Religion we will continue to talk about and celebrate our creator. We will also embark on story journeys with Noah, Jonah, and more! We will learn some new songs in religion and continue to work on learning all our prayers.

We are really looking forward to these last few winters week and finally spring months in Kindergarten. It has been such an amazing year of growth in many ways!


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