Mrs. Schurch – Kindergarten

Office Hours: Math/Reading Wednesday 2:45pm – 3:10pm 

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It looks like March is going to come in looking like a lamb, so let’s hope that the groundhog was wrong and March won’t go out looking like a lion!

Reading:  We will begin Unit 3 in our reading series and learn about folktales, fairytales, poetry, fiction, and myths.  We have begun an exciting on-line reading program called Lexia. Students began to use it during computer class last week.   Recommended learning time is 40 plus minutes a week.  Since children are completing 20 plus minutes in school, please log onto for your child to complete the remaining time.

Writing:  In writing we will continue to work on writing sentences using our knowledge of letter-sounds and sight words.  We are focusing on beginning each sentence with an uppercase letter, using “meatball” spacing between words (“spaghetti” spaces are the spaces in words), and ending the sentence with the correct punctuation mark.  We are now writing our first and last name on papers in addition to the date.

Science:  We will begin Chapter 7, Matter and Mixtures.

Social Studies:  Miss Grondin will be teaching the children about our state symbols:  the Massachusetts state flag, flower, bird, and tree.

Math:  We will begin Topic 7 Subtraction.

Handwriting:  We are working on the letters: X x, K k, and Z z.  We will be practicing correct number formation for numbers 0 to 20.

Religion:  We will continue to learn about Lent, Saint Joseph, and Saint Patrick.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me:

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Mrs. Schurch

Miss Grondin – Kindergarten

Office Hours: Science/Reading Thursday 2:45pm – 3:10pm 

We will continue to be busy with lots of learning in March…

In Religion, we will be focusing on the Liturgical season of Lent.  We will also learn about St. Patrick and St. Joseph. Both their feast days are this month. We will also talk about how Jesus helps us to discover and how we learn about God with our families and friends.

In math, we will be finishing Topic 8: More Addition and Subtraction. We will also begin Topic 9: Count Numbers to 20. This topic focuses on the teen numbers. The students will extend their understanding of number names, counting sequence, and written numerals to 20. Please work and practice teen numbers and counting to 100 at home.

In Reading and Language Arts, we will continue to review letters and letter sounds. We will be working on the following letters and sounds: e (short e), w, and y. We will also review the short vowel sounds. We will also work on rhyming words and the high-frequency words: go, from, yellow, blue, what, green. We will be also focusing on what Persuasive text is.

In writing, we will continue practicing writing letters with correct letter formation. We will write more simple sentences using high-frequency words we have already learned and CVC words. It is VERY important that the students are practicing all their high-frequency words at home.

In Social Studies, we will continue talking about National Symbols. We will focus on symbols of our state, American Heroes, and our National Holidays.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Miss Grondin



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