Mrs. Bizon – 4th Grade

Science Office Hours: Gr. 4 – 6 Thursday 7:45AM-8:10AM

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  November 2021

   It is hard to believe that it is already November.  November is, as always, a busy month.  We begin the month by celebrating the Feast of All Saints followed by report card conferences, Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving. 

   We have finished Unit 1 in Religion.  We will begin Unit 2 which focuses on the ways we celebrate our Catholic faith through the sacraments.  We will also discuss the liturgical year and the beginning of Advent.

    We are also moving into unit 2 in My View Literacy and will be reading some interesting passages with animal themes.  We will discuss main idea and details, work on summarizing texts, and analyze text structure, plot and setting.  We continue to learn new words with our weekly vocabulary lessons.  We will be reading and discussing Secret School with some work in google classroom.

  Fourth and fifth grade will be moving into the sections on life science.  Here we will study plants, animals and ecosystems.  Look forward to some interesting science songs, activities, and projects.  Sixth grade science continues to explore our solar system and the many unique features of planet Earth.

   It will be a busy, fun month.

Mrs. Bizon

Ms. Delude – 4th Grade

Math Office Hours: Gr 4 – Wednesday 7:45AM – 8:10AM

Gr 5&6 – Friday 7:45AM – 8:10AM

3 December 2021

Hello Intermediate Families,

Now that it’s Advent and we’re joyfully waiting for Christmas and Christ’s return, we’re also doing lots in math this month.

Fourth Grade: Both groups will have a test early in the month on multiplying two-digit numbers by two-digit numbers. Then we will start a unit on dividing by one-digit numbers.

Fifth Grade: We have been working hard with multiplying decimals and will have a test on it in mid-December. After that, we will start a unit about dividing decimals.

Sixth Grade: We are finishing a unit on rational numbers, and we will have a test on it in early December. We will then complete a unit about simplifying algebraic expressions.

For all groups: Some websites that may help with practicing math skills include, KhanAcademy, iTeachMath, and

4D Reading: We will begin reading Abel’s Island by William Steig and discuss comprehension strategies such as making predictions and inferences.

4D Religion: We will discuss the Sacraments of Initiation (Lesson 8) and the Sacraments of Healing (Lesson 9). Near the end of the month we will discuss the Christmas season (Lesson 23).

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season!


Ms. Delude