Mrs. Bizon – 4th Grade

Office Hours: Gr. 4&5 Science/Math – Monday 7:45am – 8:15am 

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April 2021

This year April is more than just longer, warmer days.  April began with the most important days of our Catholic faith-the Easter Triduum.  Here we discussed the reason Jesus had to die for us.  We will continue to discuss Easter as the most important part of our Liturgical year.  We also should finish our work on the commandments and move towards looking at our role in the church.

We are right on track with our vocabulary lessons continuing to learn new words as well as learning about idioms, prefixes, and suffixes.  We are now reading literature from the past in the forms of traditional stories (fairy tales) and tall tales.  Students are also reading a book entitled “Lemonade War” which focuses on a conflict between siblings and their need to reconcile and work together.  We will have many activities to accompany that story,

Math finds us finishing up a quick lesson on line plots, learning to both read and create that visual.  We will be moving into a section on decimals while continuing to review our skills with whole numbers and fractions.

April is a short month with days off for Easter and spring break, but we will still be busy with many lessons to learn as we work to get ready to become fifth graders by the end of school.

Mrs. Bizon