Mrs. Bizon – 4th Grade

Science Office Hours: Thursday 7:45-8:10am

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January 2023

   Welcome to 2023!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the break.  Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year.  January finds us halfway through the school year and a little closer to being fifth graders.

    This month in Religion we will finish discussing the Christmas season focusing on the Feast of the Epiphany and the Baptism of Jesus.  Our next lessons will continue to discuss the sacraments and how they bring us closer to God.

   We have made it half-way through our vocabulary book continuing to learn new words and often finding new ways to use words we already knew.  We finished reading Secret School and will soon begin another novel with many activities to accompany it.  As always, we continue to work in our reading book focusing on informational text and strengthening our reading to learn skills.  

   Fourth grade science continues with life science as we move into discussing ecosystems.  Look for an upcoming project.  Fifth grade science is also working in life science focusing on body systems with many activities and videos to help us learn and understand.

   January is a great working time without many distractions.  We will be looking forward to the end of the month and our celebration of Catholic Schools Week.

Mrs. Bizon


Mr. Franklin Boisvere – 4th Grade

Math Office Hours: Tuesday 7:45-8:10am, Grade 5 Math

Monday 7:45-8:10am Grade 4 Math

December 2022

Welcome to December!

Religion for 4th grade is finishing Lesson 7,  “How do we praise and thank God?” and continuing on to Lesson 8, “How do we become members of the Church?”

Vocabulary in 4th grade is in Unit 7 introducing the vocabulary words with an article called “Let’s Be Healthy.” For Unit 8 our words are put into context in an article about “Hiking the Appalachian Trail.”

Math for 4th Grade will explore strategies to divide by 1-Digit Numbers using the Division Box. For 5th Grade math we will finish Division of Decimals, then proceed to add and subtract Fractions and Mixed Numbers.

Reading will spend time on Character and Setting as well as analyzing Poetry.

Mr. Boisvere