Mrs. Bizon – 4th Grade

Science Office Hours: Thursday 7:45-8:10am

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June 2023

   It is hard to believe that it is already June and the school year is coming to an end.  June is always busy and this year is no exception.   We have graduations, farewells, and many lessons to finish.   Fourth grade just had a wonderful day at Old Sturbridge Village and is finishing up activities to learn from that experience.

     We concluded the Easter season last Sunday and will be discussing ordinary time.  We will also conclude our discussions on prayer focusing on the most important and complete prayer, The Our Father.

   Fourth grade is wrapping up our last chapter book, The Lemonade War, by finishing questions and having a poster contest based on the book.  The fifth grade has been waiting all year to judge the posters as they read the book last year and did the same activity.   We are happy to be finishing our vocabulary book and reading stories in our reading books.  We learned many new words this year.

   Fourth grade science will be ending with physical science focusing on mixtures and solutions and phases of matter.  Fifth grade ends with the topic of Earth and our solar system.   We are happy to announce that both fourth and fifth grade had a first and third place finalist in the Eversource challenge which we entered in March.  We are thankful to the art and English teachers for their help in this endeavor.  There were over 800 entries and we are proud of all the students who put forth their best effort to enter this contest. 

   All grades had a great year and most students are looking forward to June 14.  Have a great summer.  See you in August.

Mrs. Bizon


Mr. Franklin Boisvere – 4th Grade

Math Office Hours: Tuesday 7:45-8:10am, Grade 5 Math

Monday 7:45-8:10am Grade 4 Math

May 2023

Welcome to May!

This month we look forward to both our school field day, and the class field trip.

In Religion will be working in Unit 3 learning “How Do We Live What We Believe”. We will also explore Unit 4 which is “How Do We Become What We Believe”. Our Class will help plan the Liturgy for the Mass on May 10th.

For Reading we will read the novel, “The Lemonade War.” We will continue to introduce new vocabulary words with an article, called “Odysseus and the Trojan Horse”, and a story about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Math for 4th Grade will study Addition and Subtraction of Fractions and Mixed Numbers. For 5th Grade math, we will finish working on Volume of Prisms and then move on to Topic 12 which is converting both customary and metric units of measure.   

Mr. Boisvere