Mrs. Bizon – 4th Grade

Science Office Hours: Gr. 4 – 6 Thursday 7:45AM-8:10AM

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May 2022

   Welcome to the busy month of May.  This month, dedicated to our Blessed Mother, finds us honoring Mary with May Crowning and bringing the Easter season to a close with the Ascension of Jesus.  We also have our school field day and Memorial Day.

   In Religion we will be discussing the importance of Mary in the church and in our lives.  Our regular lessons continue to focus on our need for prayer.

   We will be reading our final novel of the year, “The Lemonade War.”  This is a great book to end the year and begin our summer.  We will have many fun activities to accompany this book.  We continue to read interesting passages in our reading books and learn new vocabulary both in our reading and vocabulary lessons.

   Grade 4 is finishing Earth Science by studying the solar systems and planets.  We will then move to states of matter and other areas of Physical Science.  Grade 5 is also studying Earth Science focusing on the features that make up Earth and our universe.  Grade 6 is studying Life Science focusing on the characteristics of plants and animals.

Mrs. Bizon

Ms. Delude – 4th Grade

Math Office Hours: Gr 4 – Wednesday 7:45AM – 8:10AM

Gr 5&6 – Friday 7:45AM – 8:10AM

2 May 2022

Dear Intermediate Families,

Hello all! We have a lot we will work on in math this month. While the year is almost over, students will still be expected to do their best work.

Fourth Grade: We will start with a quiz to finish up a short unit about multiplying whole numbers and fractions. Then, we will have another short unit about line plots with a quiz in mid-May. Then we will study decimals and how they are related to fractions.

Fifth Grade: Our fifth graders will finish Topic 8, about multiplying fractions, and have a test on it in early May. We will then work on Topic 9, about dividing fractions.

Sixth Grade: Our sixth graders will have a test on Topic 9: Measuring Figures in mid-May. Then we will do a brief unit about probability, before preparing for a final exam in early June.

Some websites that may help with math skills learned in class include IXL, MathPlayground, and Khan Academy.

Thank you so much! Enjoy your day.


Ms. Delude