Mrs. Rodrigues – 6th Grade

Office Hours: English/Social Studies Gr. 6 – Wednesday 7:45am – 8:10am 

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March 2021

Office Hours: Wednesdays from 7:45 A.M. – 8:10 P.M.

It is hard to believe how quickly this year is flying by. Students have really been working hard this year! Thank you all so much for supporting your children during remote learning and for making Google Classroom a habit in your households. Things have been relatively smooth this year because of your great efforts. Please continue to check Google Classroom for assignments – if a student is out due to illness or otherwise, it is expected that the work will be completed and brought to the teachers upon return to school.

Here is a look at what’s coming up in ELA!

Reading – We will spend some time working on poetry (students will read closely and analyze thoroughly while mastering specific poetic devices.

Vocabulary – Units 9 and 10 will be assigned next.

Grammar – Voyages Chapter 6 (Sentences) will be followed by Chapter 7 (Conjunctions, Interjections, Punctuations, and Capitalization).

Writing – Expository Writing (students will pick topics and write informational pieces – there will be a speech/presentation component assigned).

Please reach out at any time! I check my email several times throughout the day and will return messages in a timely manner.


Mrs. Stanton – 6th Grade

Office Hours: Gr. 6 Math / Science  Wednesday 7:45am – 8:10am




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