Mrs. Rodrigues – 6th Grade

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Wishing you a safe and relaxing summer vacation!

What a year it has been – we have all earned our summer vacations! I hope that you all spend this time resting and enjoying the long summer days. As your English teacher, I want to remind you all to keep up on reading this summer. There are two tasks that I would like you to fulfill:

  1. Log into Lexia and continue to make progress in your program over the summer.
  2. Visit your local library and sign up for their summer reading program! The librarians are experts and will steer you in the right direction to find books that both interest you and support your reading abilities. 

Reading should be an enjoyable experience and it is so important to vocabulary acquisition. Upon returning to school in the fall, I am going to ask you all to write about something you read this summer – so please be prepared! 

I will miss you all so much over vacation and I look forward to seeing you again in the fall! 


Mrs. Rodrigues

Summer Reading Suggestions:

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Grade 5

Grade 6






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