Change brings growth and that is what education is about.  As a minister of Catholic Education we foster change in our students and this change so affects the individual students that they grow in knowledge, mature in their relations with others and deepen their commitment to the Gospel values. The faculty and staff that will be working with your children during this school year are:

Sister Cecelia Haier, FSSJ, Administrator

Mrs. Karen Shea, Administrator

Mrs. Joanne Powers, Preschool 3

Mrs. Jennifer Titus, Preschool 3

Mrs. Beth Dynak, Preschool 3 Aide

Miss Alexa Hunt, Preschool 4

Ms. Cheryl Pereira, Preschool 4

Mrs. Jennifer Jerusik, Preschool 4 Aide

Miss Jacqueline Grondin, Kindergarten

Mrs. Martha Schurch, Kindergarten

Miss Michelle Patterson, Grade 1

Mrs. Jennifer Cloutier, Grade 1

Mrs. Cheri Kennedy, Grade 2

Ms. Mary Taylor, Grade 2

Mrs. Katherine Manning, Grade 3

Miss Alyssa Delude, Grade 3

Mrs. JoAnn Bizon, Grade 4

Mrs. Susan Piekarczyk, Grade 5

Mrs. Karen Stanton, Grade 6

Mrs. Chelsea Rodrigues, Grade 6

Mr. James Shea, Grade 7

Mr. Craig English, Grade 7 & 8

Mrs. Susan Bousquet, Grade 8

Mrs. Kathleen Dziok, Computers

Mr. Larry Moore, Physical Education

Mrs. Jade Brannon, Music

Mr. John Przybylowicz, Spanish

Mrs. Sharon Bannister, Library

Mrs. Rachel Keizer, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Kelly Zacharie, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Cindy Conklin, Business Manager

Mrs. Barbara Allard, Nurse

Mrs. Sandy Guyette, Nurse

Mr. Bogdan Bryda, Maintenance

Mr. James Maloney, Maintenance

Mrs. Lisa Forrette, Maintenance