Mrs. Dynak
Early Lambs Preschool
3 Year Old Program



It is hard to believe that we are already into January of our school year. Preschoolers will learn the second half of the alphabet and each week has a related theme.  Our English language arts, math and art projects coordinate with each theme.

Religion – The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 14.  We will discuss ways we can prepare our hearts for Easter.  We will attend weekly prayer service during the season of Lent.

ELA – At circle time we review letter recognition and sound.  Each week preschoolers practice formation and students engage in related songs, games and activities. Students continue to practice their names. In the month of January students are spelling their names by attaching the letters of their name to hot cocoa mugs that are displayed on our classroom focus wall.

Math – There will be continued practice for numbers one through ten with math counting and writing centers. Each student participates and puts their counting skills into practice. These activities include gluing shapes of various colors onto items that include snowflakes, mittens and winter hats. Preschoolers engage in games that include finding items in the classroom and then the students count and make pairs/matches.

Science – Students participate in weekly experiments.  Preschoolers are able to make their predictions and observations. Each child has hands on experience using pipettes and tweezers. These experiments include melting snowballs, volcanic eruptions, winter sink or float and ice fishing using ice cubes and twine.

Art – There are weekly art projects for each season and theme.  The preschoolers make items with puffy paint, clay and coffee filters. The children use a variety of learning tools that include pom poms or plastic forks to paint with or marbles during process art. Each piece of artwork is unique and a masterpiece. These are proudly displayed monthly in the classroom before going home for families to enjoy.

We look forward to more fun learning activities in the months to come.

God bless,

Mrs. Dynak and Miss Chris