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Happy and Blessed Easter!

Students at St. Stanislaus School are continuing to improve their technology skills throughout this very unique year!  We have all learned so much!  I am so proud of all that our students have accomplished from learning the ins and outs of Google Classroom, coding projects, and even recording collaborative virtual projects with their classmates!

Eighth grade students have been learning the basics of CAD programs through constructing architectural buildings with their Chromebooks using the Sketch Up program.  They are using this creative computerized design program to create their own unique architecture of their buildings and grounds.  The have inserted components into their buildings, such as pieces of furniture and décor to enhance their designs.  They have done a magnificent job and perhaps someday will be designing homes and buildings in our society!

Grade 7 students have created their online presentations using Google Slides in conjunction with Screencastify to record voice-overs for their collaborative presentations about immigration.  Their projects were amazing and so well done, with a variety of points about historical immigration, as well as present day immigration stories and challenges.

Grade 6 students have learned to compile Google Forms and Google Sheets to collect and interpret data.  The students are now learning coding skills by completing lessons in the Tynker program using block coding and eventually learning Python coding.

DiscoveryStreaming through Discovery Education has allowed our students to learn about events that affect our history and our world with video, interactive experiments, speeches, and photos.  This wonderful tool is being used by many teachers to introduce lessons, conduct virtual experiments, and view photos and video to help our students absorb the content of their studies.  Grade 5 students will begin creating their Discovery Boards about American History.  They will be creating online posters from their research notes compiled using Discovery Resources.

Our grade 4 students have completed their research and recording of musher data while they followed their mushers through a very unique Iditarod trail this year due to the pandemic.  The students researched a musher that they wanted to follow throughout the race, and tracked their musher’s progress through the checkpoints.  Grade 4 students will begin working on a state project using Google slides.

Students in grade 3 are learning research skills by completing worksheets using online dictionary.  They are able to identify key words to help them find their answers on listed websites, and are sharpening their reading skills.  Our students will create their own research of a particular animal and present their research using the Seesaw program to draw their animal and to type their findings.

Grade K through 6 students have been working on their Reading skills using our Lexia Core 5 program.

Kindergarten through Grade 1 are learning skills through using their iPads with a variety of apps such as, TeachMe Kindergarten, and Khan Academy Kids, which are all entire beginning learner curriculums, enhancing Reading and Math skills.

Grade 3 and 4 students have been practicing their typing skills through and Google Docs and Slides.  Students are learning to change text font, size, and color.  Students will also learning how to insert clipart into their Microsoft Word documents, learning to use this program as a desktop publishing program.

Have a wonderful Spring!  May God bless you all through this Easter season!

Websites for Students and Parents  – Lexia login page – must enter your teacher’s email address ( only the first time you use your device.  Then login with your school username and password given by your teacher.

Grades 2-8 – Reading and Math – Discovery Education website – Wonderful websites for K-8 based on subject area.  Many great websites to choose from – online dictionary with pictures – for students of all ages – Scholastic website – for students of all ages – Games for Reading, Math, and holidays for students in grades K – 6 – Reading program for Pre-K through Grade 2 – early learning website for Pre-K – Grade 1  – wonderful website for children and holidays – wonderful website of games and activities for holidays (Be careful of some popups)  – Official website of the Iditarod – Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government – great website for information about our government – all ages – wonderful website to learn about our history  – Holocaust Museum and Google Earth – Grades 6 – 8 – Gives information through Google Earth about areas of our world affected by Holocaust – Interactive website to learn about the First Thanksgiving

Science  – great website for the curious student  – virtual science experiments  – wonderful science games and information from the Museum of Natural History – space exploration and projects for students

Internet Safety  – Internet safety website – Student version of Internet Safety website – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Internet Safety and other Government safety information for kids

Information on computer safety and public service announcement videos

Languages – learn a language

Catholic Websites – Catholic information about our government and voting – Vatican website – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website – daily readings and information – Saint of the Day and information about saints

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