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Fall Blessings!

Our technology class format is hybrid this year!  We now have Chromebooks for students in Grades 3-8, and iPads for students in grades Kindergarten – Gr. 2.  Students (Parents and Teachers) have all done a wonderful job in learning new online platforms such as Google Classroom and Zoom, as well as our online textbooks.

Our students are rising to new levels in continuing to learn how to use technology in different ways, and in sharing this technology and their expertise with other students and even their teachers.  We have many projects and new apps to learn to accomplish our goals for this year!

Our Kindergarten students are learning how to use our Teach Me Kindergarten app on the iPads.  They are using other apps such as Lexia and STAR Testing to evaluate their reading and math skills.  They are using the Starfall app ( “Pick a Pumpkin” story and reading the “Thanksgiving Turkey” story.  They are learning very quickly how to take care of their equipment and become wonderful learners during computer class.

Grades 1 students are working with an app called Seesaw to create Thanksgiving pictures.  Students are using other apps such as Lexia and STAR Testing to evaluate their reading and math skills.  These students are also working with the ABCya app ( and the Starfall app ( to reinforce their math and vocabulary skills they are learning in the classroom.

Grade 2 students are creating beautiful Fall/Autumn stories and pictures using our Seesaw app on the iPads.  They are learning to add text boxes and sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation on the app.  They are learning to use the drawing tools to create their pictures.

Grade 3 students have quickly learned how to better use Google Classroom with their Chromebooks this year.  They have learned how to create and edit their documents within Google Classroom.  They are also learning how to change their font, font color, font size, center their text, and insert pictures. Students are using other apps such as Lexia and STAR Testing to evaluate their reading and math skills.  Students are learning research skills by using an online dictionary website called to find answers to questions by identifying key words to help in their search.

Fourth grade students have learned their Internet research skills to research questions about United States holidays and animals by complete research papers from  Students are learning how to use Word Art in Google Docs by creating poems and stories about the season of Fall.  Students are using other apps such as Lexia and STAR Testing to evaluate their reading and math skills.

Fifth graders students have completed research on aspects and history of the First Thanksgiving using assigned websites.  The students will create Discovery Boards through Discovery Education to show their research information in an online poster format.  The creativity of the students always amazes me!  Students are using other apps such as Lexia and STAR Testing to evaluate their reading and math skills.

Sixth graders have completed research on a country of their choosing from designated sources.  Students compiled their notes into a Google Doc with citing their website sources.  Students are creating Google slide decks about their country from their notes of information they gathered.  Students will add a voice-over to their presentations to format a student-created video of their country.  Students are using other apps such as Lexia PowerUp and STAR Testing to evaluate their reading and math skills.

Seventh grade students have completed a research paper and taken notes on the history of Ellis Island, Immigration, and present day Immigration.  Students are using their research to construct a Google slide presentation with partners by virtually contributing to the slide deck.  Students will create narrated versions of their slide presentations using Screencastify.

Eighth grade students have been writing a Fractured Fairy Tale story with their partners.  The students created a PowerPoint slideshow with hyperlinks, animations, and music, to share with their Advent friends before Christmas.

Grades 3 through 8 will again be sharpening their typing skills using  We will continue to have a variety of quizzes and tests to assess what they have learned, therefore, students will still need to take notes and keep handouts for studying.  All grades are based upon a combination of class projects, quizzes/tests, class participation and class behavior.

Websites for Students and Parents – Wonderful websites for K-8 based on subject area.  Many great websites to choose from – online dictionary with pictures – for students of all ages – Scholastic website – for students of all ages – a beginning reading website for Grades K-3 – Grades K through 6 website to enhance classroom skills through online interactive games and review, as well as holiday games.  – wonderful website for children and holidays – wonderful website of games and activities for holidays (Be careful of some popups)  – Official website of the Iditarod – Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government – great website for information about our government – all ages – wonderful website to learn about our history  – Holocaust Museum and Google Earth – Grades 6 – 8 – Gives information through Google Earth about areas of our world affected by Holocaust – Interactive website to learn about the First Thanksgiving

Science and Social Studies  – great website for the curious student  – virtual science experiments  – wonderful science games and information from the Museum of Natural History – space exploration and projects for students – interactive exploration of how mummies are made and their history – interactive with videos about ancient history

Internet Safety  – Internet safety website – Student version of Internet Safety website – National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Internet Safety and other Government safety information for kids

Languages – learn a language

Catholic Websites – Catholic information about our government and voting – Vatican website – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website – daily readings and information – Saint of the Day and information about saints

A Catholic teen website to share the faith.

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