Ms. Pereira
Little Lamb 4 Year Old Program


PreK 4 Photo Gallery

We have been very busy so far this school year! We have learned the letters Aa-Pp !  We can identify the letters, write the letters, and we know the sounds the letters can make. We have enjoyed letter crafts, dancing and singing to Jack Hartmann, and we have used many different tools to write the letters. We are looking forward to continue our alphabet learning!

We have learned many shapes such as the circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and star. We have gone on “shape hunts”, colored different shapes, and used many shapes to create art projects. In the coming months we will continue with the heart, oval and hexagon. We will then review the shapes and learn to write the words that correspond with that shape.

Our math time has kept us busy learning the numbers 1-5. We can identify the number and count objects using 1:1 correspondence. We can also write the numbers. We will continue with numbers 6-10. We look forward to learning about patterns, size, and positional words.

For science and social studies we will continue to observe the world around us. We will talk about the weather, our neighborhood, and so much more!

During our religion time we will be learning about St. Valentine and St. Patrick. We will also focus on Lent and Easter. We will continue to say our prayers every day. We know how to make the sign of the cross, the Hail Mary, the Our Father, and our prayer before meals.

Our fine motor muscles are getting stronger every day. Using crayons, pencils, play-dough, and building with small objects has been so much fun!  We look forward to using Lego bricks, wooden blocks, and using scissors.

Our large motor muscles are used every day! We enjoy dancing, jumping, and running outside when the weather allows!

Please remember we can be reached through our email or by calling the front office.

May God continue to bless you,

The PK 4 Team

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