Miss Hunt, Ms. Pereira, & Mrs. Jerusik
Little Lamb 4 Year Old Program
Email: ahunt@saintstansschool.org, cpereira@saintstansschool.org, jjerusik@saintstansschool.org 


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Welcome! We are you Pre-K 4 teaching team: Miss. Hunt, Ms. Pereira, and Mrs. Jerusik

Welcome to Preschool 4! We are so excited to have your child in our class this year! Each school year is new and different, and this year will present us with many new, exciting adventures!

 We will have fun and meaningful experiences in math, reading, science, social studies, and religion. This year, we will be as creative as possible to make sure we create safe and enriching activities. We will conduct individual exploration time, as well as group time. We also have time outside enjoying our playground and campus grounds! Our class will also have enrichment classes including gym, computers, and library.

Students will enjoy a cost free breakfast and snack at their own desk in our classroom. Students will also enjoy a cost free lunch with different options each day in the cafeteria.

We look forward to meeting our new families at orientation!

God Bless,

Miss. Hunt, Ms. Pereira, Mrs. Jerusik

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