Mr. Shea – 7th Grade

Office Hours: Gr. 7S Thursday 7:45am-8:10am

Gr. 7E Friday 7:45am-8:10am

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  February Learning

Hello 7th Grade Families,

I hope you are enjoying the lovely winter weather here in Western Massachusetts.

Social Studies-In February we will explore the different dynasties that ruled China. In addition we will also examine the great inventions credited to Ancient China.

Literature- We will focus our reading on the story titled “The Naming of Names”. This early science fiction work was authored by Ray Bradbury and focuses on human space exploration to Mars.

Vocabulary-The work will center around unit ten vocabulary. Students will utilize correct spelling, definition and usage of assigned vocabulary words.
Religion- We will examine the writings and deeds of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.

Bless you all,
Mr. Shea


Mr. English – 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Science

Office Hours: Gr. 7E Thursday 7:45am – 8:10am

Gr. 8 Science Friday 7:45am-8:10am

Welcome back to school from our wonderful holiday break!  We will be working hard in 7th grade as we get through these cold winter days! In math classes we are busy using proportions and will soon be ready to start solving algebraic equations.  In science classes, we are entering the fascinating world of Anatomy.  In addition, it’s coming to push time for STEM fair research and prototype building!  Our students should be busily at work at home preparing for the building and testing of their prototypes.