Ms. Delude – 3rd Grade

Office Hours:  Grade 3 Social Studies – Thursday 7:45 – 8:10am

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1 March 2021

Dear Students and Families,

Hello, hello! Below is what we will learn about in March.

Reading: We will finish our unit on biographies, have a unit test the week of March 8th, and start our unit on informational text. Unit 4, Week 5, and Unit 5, Weeks 1 to 3.

Religion: We will discuss the parts of the Mass, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, praying for healing and eternal life, and continuing the work of Jesus. We also will discuss the Easter Triduum near the end of the month. Chapters 17 to 19, 21 and 22.

ELA: We have been working hard on our opinion essays and will finish them in the beginning of the month. Then, we will review the grammar concepts we have learned over the past month. In mid-March, we will begin our poetry unit. Information will be sent home in mid-March about a class poetry book we will all contribute to and publish in April.

Social Studies: We will finish our State History books in the first two weeks of the month, learning about Massachusetts in the 20th century. We will then begin a civics unit. State History Book Chapter 5, Lessons 4 to 6; regular book Chapter 7.

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Ms. Delude


Mrs. Manning – 3rd Grade

Office Hours: Gr. 3 Math – Monday 7:45am – 8:10am


                                                                                                     March 2021


Hello Third Grade Parents,

Here are the highlights of what we will study in the month of March.

Religion- This month we will discuss how We worship at Mass- Chapter 17, Celebrating Penance and Reconciliation- Chapter 18, and Prayer and Healing and Eternal Life- Chapter 19.  We will also learn about St. Joseph.

Math- This month we will learn how to round, estimate sums and differences, and work on problem solving skills.  Topic 8.  

We will also fluently add and subtract within 1,000 –Topic 9 and multiply by multiples of 10- Topic 10. 

Please review multiplication math facts nightly with your child.  This will prepare them for the weekly multiplication quiz. 

Reading- We will explore poems, read a time line, discuss drama, informational text, procedural text, and context clues.  We will also learn about maps and explore infographics.   Unit 5.

Students will also decode words with vowel patterns au, aw, al, augh, and ough.  We will discuss words that have the vowel patterns ei and eigh, and the suffix –en.  Unit 5.

Science- This month we will learn how living things get energy, food webs, and how an ecosystem can change.  Chapter 5.  We will then move on to the water cycle – Chapter 6.

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Thank you,

Mrs. Manning