Ms. Delude – 3rd Grade

Office Hours:  Grade 3 Social Studies – Thursday 7:45 – 8:10am

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3 May 2021

Dear Students and Families,

Hello all! Can you believe it’s already May? It feels like this year flew by! Below is what we will learn about as we wrap up the school year.

Reading: We will have our Unit 5 test in the first week of May. Then, we will review the genre characteristics, spelling patterns, and comprehension skills we have learned through this year.

Religion: We will discuss the different ways Catholics around the world celebrate the faith, and learn about the saints as models of holiness. We will also review how to pray the rosary. Chapters 24 and 25.

ELA: We will review the grammar skills we have learned this year, including parts of speech, sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation. We also will have some short writing prompts throughout the month.

Social Studies: We will finish our unit on economics early in May, and then complete a mini-unit on map skills and review concepts from the year, including geography, state history, civics, economics, map skills, and timeline skills.

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Ms. Delude


Mrs. Manning – 3rd Grade

Office Hours: Gr. 3 Math – Monday 7:45am – 8:10am


                                                                                                      May 2021

Hello Third Grade Parents,

Here are the highlights of what we will study in the month of May.

Religion- This month we will discuss that the church is worldwide-Chapter 24, we are God’s holy people-Chapter 25, and that the Kingdom of God continues to grow-Chapter 26.

Math- This month we will learn about fraction equivalence and comparison-Topic 13, along with time and capacity-Topic 14.  We will also discuss two dimensional shapes- Topic 15, and perimeter-Topic 16.

Please review multiplication math facts nightly with your child.  This will prepare them for the weekly multiplication quiz which we will work on until the end of the year.

Reading- We will review and compare different types of genre and practice comprehension skills when reading a story. We will review phonics skills,  complete a spoken book report, and write book reviews.

Science- This month we will learn about weathering and erosion- Chapter 6, and then we will learn about the Earth and the universe-Chapter 7.

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Thank you,

Mrs. Manning