Mr. Przybylowicz – Spanish Teacher

Office Hours: Gr. 4-6, Thursday 7:45 – 8:10am OR 2:45 – 3:10PM

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Guidelines and Expectations for Spanish Class

January 2022

Grade 4: Review of all 11 vocabulary lessons studied. Two separate exams on the material. Continuation of vocabulary study along with limited grammar in a higher level workbook

Grade 5: Study of the following vocabulary: food, place settings, higher numbers, capitalization, holiday, weather and directions

Grade 6: Coverage of all 3 “pasos” in chapter 4 of workbook (vocabulary, regular –ar verbs, prepositional pronouns, subject pronouns, the verbs IR and ESTAR)

Grade 7: Coverage of unit 3, lesson 2 (possession, dates, comparisons, verb TENER, numbers, and activities)

Grade 8: Coverage of unit 4, lesson 1 (clothing vocabulary, TENER expressions, tem-changing verbs, direct object pronouns, review of numbers and activities)

Periodic reading and discussion of selected articles from Que Tal? Scholastic Magazine