Mr. Przybylowicz – Spanish Teacher

Office Hours: Thursday 7:45 – 8:10am

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Website update for Spanish classes – March, 2021

Grade 4 – The study of vocabulary continues expanding on the vocabulary covered in the 1st half of the school year. Some limited grammar study and added emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension skills.

Grade 5 – Continuation of vocabulary study together with increased study and focus on basic Spanish grammar not previously studied.

Grade 6 – Study of vocabulary as well as irregular verbs, some stem-changing verbs and grammar not previously covered.

Grade 7 – Study of expressions that use the verb TENER as well as certain stem-changing verbs, direct object pronouns and additional vocabulary.

Grade 8 – Focus on the usage of the verbs SER and ESTAR. The study of ordinal numbers, additional stem-changing verbs along with vocabulary (location words, clothing, colors) and some limit- ed cultural study of Ecuador.

Sr. Przybylowicz