Mr. Przybylowicz – Spanish Teacher

Office Hours: Gr. 4-6, Thursday 7:45 – 8:10am OR 2:45 – 3:10PM

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Guidelines and Expectations for Spanish Class

June 2022 Website Updates for Spanish Classes

Grade 4      Vocabulary Study – Parts of the body continued, feelings. Worksheet to be completed for final review from Spanish Kid Stuff. Selected reading/discussion of articles in scholastic magazine Que Tal?

Grade 5      Review of TIME, SPORTS vocabulary and numbers 0-1,000. Use of worksheets for practice.

Grade 6      Review present tense of – AR, -ER, -IR verbs as well as the study of stem-changing verbs VENIR and TENER. Continue Study of vocabulary. Selected reading from scholastic magazine Que Tal?

A healthy, happy and safe summer to all!