Mr. Przybylowicz – Spanish Teacher

Office Hours: Gr. 4-6, Thursday 7:45 – 8:10am OR 2:45 – 3:10PM

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Guidelines and Expectations for Spanish Class

October 2021 Update

Grade 4 – Continuation of vocabulary study. Included are the following categories: numbers, classroom, food and clothes. Some brief written assignments for presentation in class. For example, describing a place setting, describing what someone is wearing.

Grade 5 – Review and study of months, seasons, articles, numbers, common Spanish expressions used in class, colors. Extensive use of worksheets in class as well as for homework assignments.

Grade 6 – Chapter 2 in the workbook. Classroom vocabulary, indefinite articles, plurals, subject pronouns, bedroom vocabulary, adjective agreement, selected verbs, numbers 31-199. Extensive use of workbook with practice and review of subject matter being covered.

Grade 7 – Completion of unit 1, lesson 2. Using the verb SER, review of definite and indefinite articles, noun-adjective agreement, the verb GUSTAR, selected reading of items related to Latin America and Mexico. Vocabulary study. Moving on to unit 2 with focus on Mexico. Some brief oral presentations.

Grade 8 – Vocabulary study focusing on descriptive adjectives involving noun-adjective agreement. Selected articles for reading and discussion of Hispanic culture. Usage of articles, use of the verb GUSTAR to express likes/dislikes. Brief written assignments for oral presentation and reading practice. Continued study of a different Spanish speaking country.