COVID-19 Updates

April 28, 2020

Good evening St. Stanislaus School Families,

Governor Baker announced last week that schools in Massachusetts would be closed for the remainder of the school year. Since that announcement we have met with the Diocesan Schools Superintendent and with our school staff to make a plan for the next several weeks of remote learning to finish the school year as planned the second week of June, 2020. 

St. Stanislaus School has been providing remote learning for students at all grade levels from the start of the shut down, the third week of March. Teachers sent home packets at the start of this time and then added on line resources, with weekly email instructions, to all families enrolled at St. Stan’s including preschool.  Teachers have been sending videos with books and lessons to help engage the students in active learning from home.  We will now also increase the direct instruction from the teacher to your children, with additional video, zoom, class dojo, or google classroom lessons depending on your child’s grade level.  They are receiving grade and age appropriate information for their tablets, iPad, or chrome book devices to provide the appropriate access to websites, textbook materials, and teacher presented lessons. 

This week teachers are preparing additional written and hard copy materials for all students.  Wednesday, May 6th, from 7:30 to 1:00 p.m. families of students from preschool three through eighth grade should plan to come to the back parking lot for a drop off/pickup at the curb.  Students should gather all work that has been completed during this remote learning time until May 6th and bring it back to drop off for the teachers to be able to review and correct the assignments in order to effectively prepare progress reports for the fourth quarter.  Please include work for all teachers, return any school library books, and any books that students borrowed for reading with the Battle of the Books club.  Please gather all these items into one bag or package to hand to the school personnel at the curb.  Please include the student’s name and grade. You will hand us the completed work and we will hand you a bag with new work for all subject areas and additional materials needed such as workbooks, and personal items like art boxes, etc, from the student desks. It is important that all families plan to participate in the May 6th drop off/Pick up event.  There will not be another opportunity, as we are trying to following the restrictions in place everyone’s safety.

 Progress reports will then be prepared and mailed the third week of May and should be received no later than May 25th.  We have also planned for a final turn in drop off day on Thursday, June 11th.  This final drop off will be a time to return all completed work from the week of May 6th through June 11th and any textbooks, chromebooks, iPads, and any other school owned materials.  A final report card will then be prepared after teachers have had time to grade the final assignments.  Families should expect to receive the final report card the last week of June. 

We will be in communication with the eighth grade class and the kindergarten class in regard to some type of graduation, commencement celebration when it is safe to do so.  Fr. Joe will make a determination about First Communion when it is safe to do so.  Further information will be provided when it is appropriate and within recommended safety guidelines.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in helping us to provide continued learning in these next five weeks or so as we do our best to prepare all students for the next grade level in the fall.

We are grateful to our teachers and our parents for their tireless efforts helping the children.  We appreciate the cooperation and support from families, and we pray for your continued health and safety.  



April 15, 2020

Dear Families,

The following is a link to the most recent letter from our Diocesan Schools Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent along with Guidelines for continuity of instruction:

COVID-19 letter to families 4.15.20 from diocese

COVID-19 letter to families 3.30.20

Continuity of Instruction PDF

Wishing your families health and peace!


March 19, 2020

Good Evening and Happy St. Joseph’s Day to all of you!

Hoping everyone is staying safe and taking care of yourselves.  We are all doing our best to follow the directives for staying safe.  We are systematically cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the school building.  The carpets have already been cleaned.  

We would like to thank all of you for your cooperation in picking up the resource packets on Tuesday.  Every family had picked them up by the afternoon on Tuesday.  You all get an A+ for your effort and assistance in providing for the children during these challenging times.  We thank you for working with your children to complete assignments a little work each day is good.  The packets sent home were intended for the next three to four weeks as needed.  Teachers will be sending out weekly directions, instruction information, guidance and communication.  All we ask is that the children try their best.  If you can help the children to develop a routine in these days at home it will help them to stay settled and comfortable knowing what to expect each day.

We realize that many parents are still working from home or at the workplace.  This can present challenges of its own as the children are home every day and wanting your time and attention.  Please know that you are in charge and can manage school work as best meets your needs. 

We here at St. Stan’s continue praying for your families and everyone impacted by COVID19.  We remember in particular all those working in the medical field, the first responders and all essential members of the work force such as grocery store and pharmacy personnel, all of whom are working to provide for our needs in these new and ever changing times.

We are entering into the fourth week of Lent this weekend.  May we continue to listen to the still small voice within and pray for patience and hope. 

We wish you peace and faith as we continue our journey toward Easter.

March 15, 2020 

Good Afternoon St. Stan’s families, 

Just a reminder that school is closed for the next three weeks through April 6th at this time.  We will have learning supplies ready for all students by Tuesday, March 17th.  Parents may come and pick up the educational resources between 8:00 and Noon on Tuesday morning.  Teachers will be communicating assignments via email for students to work on.  Students will receive credit for all work completed and returned to the teacher.

We will continue to communicate with all families as more information becomes available.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these challenging times. 

May we continue this Lenten Journey together in prayer asking for the guidance and protection of our all loving God.