Little Lamb 4 Year Old Program

Mrs. Pereira, Miss Hunt, Mrs. Titus & Mrs. Jerusik
Little Lamb 4 Year Old Program

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Our names are Cheryl Pereira, Alexa Hunt, and Jennifer Titus and we will be your child’s preschool teaching team this year. As preschool educators, we realize that the education a child receives in their early years plays a vital role in their academic future. Through the rich and challenging experiences our preschool program offers, it is our hope that your child will develop a positive attitude and a lifelong desire to learn ensuring their development socially, physically, academically and spiritually.

Our preschool students spend their days participating in a structured, yet fun curriculum. The children enrolled in this program receive instruction in all basic skills. Children are also encouraged to explore, question, solve and discover through hands on experiences in a warm, nurturing environment. The lesson plans created emphasize self esteem and follow a new theme each month.

Our goal in the classroom is to create and maintain a Catholic setting where all children feel welcome and know they are special in God’s eyes.

*The curriculum for our programs follow the guidelines for developmentally appropriate practice set forth by the Massachusetts standards and are accredited by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges. (NEASC)

God Bless,

Ms. Cheryl Pereira, Ms. Alexa Hunt, Ms. Jennifer Titus

Entrance Requirements

Acceptance is based on date of application. All children must be of sufficient age 4+ years old by September 1st and need not be a parishioner of St. Stanislaus. The children must be capable of adapting to our semi-structured program emotionally and physically i.e. bathroom. The preschool is not a day-care program. Children must be capable of taking care of their own bathroom needs. If a child has a potty (urine) accident, we will assist in changing them with changing into dry clothing. If a child has a bowel accident, the child will be sent to the school nurse and a parent or emergency contact will be immediately notified to come to the school and take care of the situation if necessary.


The preschool schedule follows the St. Stanislaus School schedule with the exceptions noted on the school calendar.

Preschool begins at 8:10 a.m.

Dismissal is at 2:15 pm

NOTE: Children will be registered for specific days of the week. Children WILL NOT be allowed to switch days for the parents’ convenience as it becomes difficult to account for student attendance and maintain bookkeeping records. It also causes a disruption of routine for the child and the other children in the class.

Before and After School Program

Children enrolled in the Little Lambs preschool are eligible for extended day care. The Before School program operates between the hours of 7:15 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. The After-School program operates between the hours of 2:15 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. If there is a delay in the opening of school due to inclement weather, the Before School Program will also have a delayed opening. *Separate enrollment forms must be completed to become eligible for this program. Separate fees are assessed.

NOTE: Children who are picked up late will automatically become enrolled in the After-School Program and a fee will be assessed.


Tuition information is available in the school office.

Withdrawal from Program

A two-week notice for the withdrawal from the program is required.


In the event that a child will be absent from the preschool program, a parent or guardian should report the absence to the school office before 8:30 a.m.

Dress Code

Children need to wear clothing that provides comfort and safety when they play and paint. We find that running shoes and socks are safe and comfortable for play. No child we be allowed to participate in gym related activities unless sneakers and socks are worn. Sneakers are required footwear for safety reasons.

Children will be going outdoors for a period of time each day (weather permitting). Please dress your child in clothing that is acceptable for the weather conditions. *Extra changes of clothes should be updated with the seasons and weather.


Children will be evaluated twice during the school year with progress reports distributed in January and at the end of the school year. A conference time will be scheduled to each family in late fall.

Arrival and Dismissal

*Preschool children are NOT eligible for bus transportation.

Little Lambs preschool is located on the first floor of the school. Entry doors are locked during the school day and parents must enter through the main school entryways during school operating hours.

We take great care in monitoring the safe arrival and departure of all children. Parents are reminded that they are responsible for any child they bring into the school. Children must be supervised by a parent prior to entering the classroom and leaving at the end of the school day.

Arrival Procedure

Preschool parents ONLY will be issued a parking permit sign to be displayed on their windshield to enter the school parking lot. This will provide the preschooler safe ESCORTED entry in the school building by a parent or guardian. All children must be escorted to the classroom by an adult – NOT a sibling. Please enter using the parking lot door. Children MAY NOT be dropped off at the door. School entry doors as well as our classroom door will remain locked until 8:10 a.m. Please do not bring your child any earlier unless they are participating in the Before School Program.

*If preschoolers have older siblings in the school, parents must file in the carline to resume arrival procedures for older students.

Upon arrival to the classroom, please make certain that one of the teachers is aware that your child has arrived. This is the time to provide the teachers with any lunch choice, extended day plans, or dismissal information.  Children will then enter the classroom unassisted by their parents and hand their own coat and backpack on their hook.

Please be sure to say good-bye to your child and to reassure them that you will be back in a few hours to pick them up. Sometimes children need support in separating from their parents. Suggestions to ease the separation are listed below:

*Establish trust- Tell your child school is a fun place to learn and play and the teachers will take good care of them until your return.

*Acknowledge feelings -Tell your child you know that they are upset because you are leaving, but in a little while he/she will want to play with the toys and the teacher will stay with them and help them.

*Mean what you say- Tell your child you will need to leave in three minutes, and you can interact with them until then. When the time is up, tell your child you will see them when it is time to go home. Give your child a smile, a hug, and kiss and leave. We will help get your child involved in an activity. If the child will not stop crying, give them an extra hug and kiss and then go. Lingering is NOT recommended as the child usually stops crying and engages in an activity as soon as you leave.

Dismissal Procedure

Please pick up your child promptly at the end of the school day. Parents are REQUIRED to pick up their child by 2:15 p.m. Extended care is provided until 5:00 p.m. In emergency situations, please call the school at (413)592-5135 to let us know that you will be late.

If your child has to be dismissed early (prior to 2:15p.m.) please call the office to let them know. The office will notify the teachers.

Please pick up your child promptly. It can be very, very stressful for the child if the other children have left and he or she is waiting.

Extended Care Program

This program was designed specifically for children of working parents who do not have a suitable adult to care for them before school after school, or both. Children may arrive as early at 7:30 a.m before school and stay until 5:00 p.m. after school. This program begins on the first day of school. A registration form must be submitted prior to the first day of school. Forms will be available at our orientation if needed. If there is a delay in the opening of school due to inclement weather, the Before School Program will also have a delayed opening. *Separate fees will be assessed.

Before School Program Arrival Procedure

Preschool children must be escorted into the school cafeteria when they arrive. Preschoolers will remain in the cafeteria until they are escorted to their classroom at 8:10 a.m.

In the event that a parent is late, the child will be sent to the After School Program and a fee will be charged.

Preschool children participating in the After-School program will be escorted to the cafeteria for a snack. Afterwards they will be brought to the gymnasium or playground for the remainder of their stay. Parents must ring the school bell near the parking lot entrance for entry after school.

Delay/Cancellation of School

Delay/Cancellation of school will take place during inclement weather, equipment failure, or a public crisis.

Every practical means is used to notify parents of an impending cancellation, including radio, TV, and a personal phone call. If school is closed or delayed because of weather conditions, announcements will be made on WHYN Radio 560, Channel 22, and Channel 40. Parents will also be notified by phone using our automated call system. Our policy regarding the closing of the school is in accordance with the Chicopee Public School Department.

If school is delayed the preschool program is delayed for the same amount of time. (1 hour delay for school is also a 1 hour delay for preschool) Please ignore any reference to a ½ day of preschool.

In the unusual circumstance where school must be canceled during the school day, the administration will be sure to contact the parent/guardians.

Lunch & Snack

A breakfast and lunch will be provided for all students at no charge each day. A morning snack is also provided to all preschoolers. A monthly menu will be sent home giving the choices for each day. We ask that cold lunches consist of healthy choices and DO NOT contain any soda, candy or nuts of any kind due to allergies. NO GLASS. Please make sure fruits and vegetables are cut into bite size pieces. We will encourage your child to eat-but will not force them. Please mark if your child will be eating school lunch or cold lunch during drop-off. Preschools will be given a healthy snack mid-morning. Milk will be provided in the morning and juice in the afternoon.

Birthday Celebrations

We are happy to help in making a birthday a special day for your little one! At snack time we will all sing Happy Birthday to your child. If planning to provide a special treat for your child that day, PLEASE keep it simple. Please send individual portioned treats -NO CAKE. Mini cupcakes, mini muffins, cookies, or munchkins are easy to be served and enjoyed by children. Allergies and class size are consideration. We ask that parents purchase store bought treats with ingredients listed on the packaging to protect children. Party favors and balloons are not allowed. Please refrain from handing out party invitations at school, this can cause children to feel left out.


Appropriately sized toys may be brought to school only on specified alphabet show and share days. Toys are not allowed at school on a daily basis.


Due to limited storage space, we ask that children have a backpack without wheels. Backpacks will be used to store 2 complete changes of clothes and shoes, rest time towel, and a communication folder. All personal items will be sent home daily.

Show and Tell

Children will be asked to bring in an “alphabet” show and tell item. This is an item that has the beginning sound of the “Letter of the week” Please place this object in a plastic bag labeled with your child’s name for safe return. For safety reasons, please do not send in anything glass or sharp. A note will be sent home prior to show and tell informing you of when it will take place. All “toys” that come to school are downplayed as show and share items.

Book Orders

Once a month you will receive book order forms from Scholastic Book Clubs. The book orders have excellent values and choices for educational items. You are never obligated to purchase anything from these order forms. Make checks out to “Scholastic Book Club”

Rest Time

After lunch and recess, the children have rest time. A bath towel is needed as a blanket. This towel should be laundered each week.

School Supply List

Any additional donations are greatly appreciated!

School supplies needed for Preschool 4:

1 large backpack with no wheels

1 bath towel for rest time

1 box of tissues

1 container of Clorox wipes

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

2 complete changes of clothes including shirts, bottoms, underwear, socks, and shoes. (please update with weather)



Communication is a vital ingredient in the success of the preschool experience. For this reason, please see your child’s teachers to answer your questions, to discuss your ideas or concerns, and to help find solutions to problem situations involving your child at either home or school. The preschool communicates in the following ways:

*Classroom calendars, monthly preschool news (online and printed)

*Special and handwritten notes

*School-wide weekly notices and newsletters

*School office and telephone

*Weekly classroom news

*Please do not send emails for urgent matters as teachers do not have access to the internet during the school day.

Please keep us informed of any circumstances that affect your child, such as change of address, loss of a relative, family changes, etc. All such communications will be kept confidential.

To keep parents informed on what is happening in our program, the Little Lambs Newsletter will be sent home each month providing you with class information and general news. Please read the newsletter carefully each month. Sometimes we may request something special be brought to school. The newsletter is also available on the school website.

Our Daily Schedule

We plan activities around a weekly or monthly theme.