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Early Lambs Preschool
3 Year Old Program

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A new letter from Mrs. Powers:  This Week Learning Mar 23

March is the windy month filled with the tales of leprechauns and their tricks and surprises.  The children will be breezing through a variety of weather-related activities as we celebrate this magical month.  We will celebrate the feast days of St. Patrick and also honor St. Joseph, the compassionate and caring man who was the husband of Mary and foster father of Jesus.

Guest Reader Program

The Guest Reader Program is underway. The children are always excited to see who will appear next as we open our door.


Please review your child’s paper’s each day to monitor their school progress and assist them with the worksheets sent home.  Asking questions that are drawn from the News Notes will help to reinforce the lessons taught in class each month.  It is our way of helping to bridge home and school.  We continue to take the children out daily for outdoor recess.  Please dress your child according to weather forecasted.  It changes daily.

Thank You

Thank you, parents, for providing valentines for the children to pass out to all their friends. It was great fun?  Thank you to our administration for the Valentine’s Day ice-cream treat. Also, Mrs. Dynak joins me in offering our appreciation for the lovely Valentines we received from the children.  They are all our little Valentines.  February was Dental Health Month.  We thank Hygienist Christine Duval for giving the children a wonderful lesson on how to care for their teeth.


It’s a Boy!  Tony became a big brother as his family welcomed little Nico into the world.  May God bless your new baby boy!

St. Stanislaus Preschool is now accepting registrations and applications for new students for the 2020-2021 school year.  If you need a preschool or kindergarten application, you may obtain one from the school office.  New enrolling students will also need immunization documentation from the pediatrician.  If you know anyone who may be looking for a high-quality preschool program, please suggest St. Stanislaus Preschool, accredited by the NEAS&C. 


Mrs. Powers


Teaching Routine

Preschool 3 Learning Packet for School Closure

Students may also practice writing their first name