Early Lambs 3 Year Old Program

Mrs. Powers & Mrs. Dynak
Early Lambs Preschool
3 Year Old Program

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Dear Parents,


During the month of November our lessons will focus on Thanksgiving; a time for giving thanks to God for our many blessings and of course, turkeys.  The children will gobble up a variety of turkey related activities this month including art, oral expression, counting, handwriting, color matching and movement.  We will even throw in some turkey trivia.

November is also election time and our Little Lambs will have an election of their own.   On Election Day take your child with you to the polls so that they can see firsthand what we have been talking about in class.

Preschoolers are a very curious age group, so it is our hope that parents reinforce the important topic of poison prevention in the home.  Through this mini Poison Prevention unit, we will make the point that some medicines resemble candy, and although such items as shampoo may smell good enough to eat or drink, they can make you real sick.

Reminders…  Please be reminded to check school backpacks and folders for important school notices as well as their communication folder. There will be occasions that we require you return papers in a timely manner.  Please also, Label-Label-Label your child’s winter clothing so that missing articles may be found and returned.

Winter is quickly approaching and with-it SNOW.  Please be reminded that the preschool follows the school in regard to cancellations or delays due to inclement weather.   Watch for radio and television announcements and whenever possible, a phone call will be made.  Also, parents, please change your child’s boots in the morning if worn to school (no boots are allowed in class) as we may visit the gym in inclement weather.  Also, Children must have a change of clothes in their backpack.  Please check that they are suitable for the colder weather.

Thank You!  Thank you to Sr, Ceil, Mrs. Shea and HASA for the fun filled afternoon at our Halloween Parade with all the Halloween treats. Thank you to the Firefighter Gerry of the West Springfield Fire Department who visited with the children to discuss fire safety.  Thank you to Mr. Perla of Perla Pools for his generous donation of a table for our Housekeeping Center. The children love it!

Together with Mrs. Dynak, we would like to extend our deepest thanks this Veteran’s Day to all preschool family members and friends that have been or are currently in the military.    God’s blessings this Thanksgiving Day to all of our preschoolers and their families!  It is a time we are reminded of the wonderful gifts we receive from God, especially the gift of our children.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Powers

It’s Election Day in the Early Lambs Classroom!

It’s Election Day in Preschool and just like parent’s vote for their favorite candidates, our preschoolers had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the voting process.  Our Early Lambs preschoolers casted their vote for “Best Pet”.  We began with a rally where a student spoke before the class as to why the children should vote for their particular candidate, CAT, DOG or FISH. Jayce told the children they should vote for dogs. “They are happy to see you when you come home from school.  Scarlet said cats should be voted best pet.  “They’re soft and cuddly!”  Lucas spoke on behalf of fish. “Fish are fun to watch when they swim around and don’t need much food.” Next off to the poles and our private voting booth where, like their moms and dads, the preschoolers had to wait their turn in line and place an x on their ballot, fold it in half, and then drop it in the ballot box.  An “I VOTED” sticker was given to each child (they loved that) and when the votes were all in, we counted and grafted the result for all to see. The preschoolers learned a valuable lesson this day…that they each have an opinion; their vote stands and voting is fun! Ask your little one who won!!!


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